Project Funding

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2014-06-01 ~ 2015-05-31
Agency: Help Age International

This project will provide WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Health) and psychosocial services to 600 families living in off-camp locations of the Peshawar district of Pakistan whose members include widows, older persons or persons with disabilities. Altogether, almost 4040 people will benefit from the provision of hygiene kits, hygiene awareness promotion, and sensitivity and advocacy training as a part of this project.

$15,000 of $15,000 raised
2014-05-07 ~ 2015-05-06
Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre
This project will provide fifty (50) young adults living on the Thai-Burma border with training and education in law, nonviolent social change, and environmental issues. This ten-month course is a core aspect of building a vibrant and sustainable refugee community among those who have fled their homes in search of safety from the perpetual ethnic violence that overtook parts of Burma, also known as Myanmar, for over six decades. This training will brighten the future for these young adults, who will have increased opportunities for work and can seek to spread their knowledge further among their community after the course.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised
2014-05-07 ~ 2015-05-06
Agency: DARE
This project will provide community training manuals on drug addiction prevention and support to members of the refugee communities living on the Thai-Burma border and to people displaced ultimately within the country of Burma, also known as Myanmar, itself. The manuals are an update to DARE’s previous manuals, now over 10 years old, which have been prepared and taught by members of the local refugee community. The previous set of manuals and the DARE program have proven successful in helping to combat the addiction crisis which has overtaken many of the displaced communities throughout Burma and South East Asia. These updated manuals are essential to DARE’s vision of expanding its reach and providing more sensitive treatment and education threatened by addiction.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2014-04-01 ~ 2015-03-31
Agency: Bienvenu Shelter

This project will provide valuable skills and business knowledge development that will enable women in Johannesburg’s Bienvenu Shelter to find jobs or start small businesses. RIJ funding will support the project’s 12-month sewing skills training program whereby women can develop their skills and also improve their English and business knowledge. The project leaders will also offer childcare support to the residents of Bienvenu Shelter and the community as a whole, which will allow more women to take part in the sewing program. Overall, the sewing project will directly benefit 140 women from the Bienvenu Shelter by providing them valuable skills that can lead to a brighter future.

$30,000 of $30,000 raised

2013-12-20 ~ 2014-02-02
Agency: OGA for Aid

This project is designed to revitalize farming and business in Minami Sanriku, located in the Tohoku region, which was devastated by the March 2011 earthquake. With previous funding from RIJ, the project coordinators have created a successful green farming initiative that is helping to bring income, jobs and a sustainable food source to the region. To expand the initiative further, the project now requires vital infrastructure, equipment and personnel to build upon its success. Initiatives such as these are essential in attracting people and business back to the area and in providing those who never left a sense of normalcy once again.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2013-10-01 ~ 2014-03-28
Agency: Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD)
US $20,000

This project will enhance the living conditions of 370 Syrian and Palestinian families who have been displaced as a result of the ongoing Syrian conflict. Each family will receive a kit containing vital sanitary and hygiene materials that are often lacking in their gatherings, or informal settlements, in Lebanon. Additionally, project assistants will conduct regular health education sessions for around 600 women to help ensure a clean and safe living environment while these families adjust to new conditions.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2013-09-20 ~ 2014-09-20
Agency: Karen Women’s Organisation

This project will provide 2,000 baby kits to women and newborn babies in the Karen State of Burma. The kits contain baby and laundry soap, sarongs, nappies, and a health message for maternal health education, all of which goes a long way for such a small price. Based on recent birth rates in the Karen State, this project should provide every mother of a child born in the Karen State this year with a baby kit.

$18,406 of $18,406 raised

2013-07-31 ~ 2014-07-30
Agency: World Vision Sri Lanka

This project is designed to enhance the quality of preschool education in the newly resettled areas of the Mullaitivu District, Northern Sri Lanka by supporting preschool teachers in achieving their diplomas. The teachers are returnees themselves whose lives have been affected by conflict, and thus this project will provide them opportunities for higher education that have previously been limited.

$19,433 of $19,433 raised

2013-07-20 ~ 2014-07-20
Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre

This project will provide education and training in democracy, government, human rights and environmental preservation to thirty-four (34) Karenni young adults living as refugees on the Thai-Burma border. By participating in this program, the students will receive educational opportunities that have previously been limited, if not completely denied, and their knowledge will help spread throughout the community to create a foundation for new perspectives and ideas in their struggle against the realities of displacement.

$19,820 of $19,820 raised
2013-06-01 ~ 2013-05-31
Agency: DARE (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Education
This project will build the DARE Network’s capacity to meet the addiction demands of refugees living in camps on the Thai/Burma border as well as prepare for refugees returning to Burma in the future. 1 intern will be trained to become a DARE Addiction Master Trainer inside Burma and a further 20 refugees will be trained for 6 months to become Addiction Workers within the camps to replace those that have resettled to third countries. 20 young people and their families will also received treatment for their addiction.