Project Funding

2007-05-01 ~ 2008-04-30
Agency: Union Aid Abroad with Migrant Assistance Program

n 2007 there were 150,000 camp based refugees and around 2 million other people from Burma trying to survive in Thailand. Many of those who were outside the camp system had great difficulty accessing health care, especially for serious conditions or for mental health support. This emergency house provided shelter, food, counseling and self-help activities for these vulnerable refugees.

2007-04-01 ~ 2008-03-29
Agency: Bienvenu Shelter

Bienvenu Shelter was established in 2001 in a suburb of Johannesburg as a refuge for Women and Children refugees. The shelter provides accommodation and nutrition support while providing them with skills to prepare them for eventual return to their countries. The Centre runs a crèche for residents’ children and children from the community. This gives the children an opportunity to integrate in the community and allows the mothers time to attend training classes and to search for work. The training classes include sewing and bead work and computer literacy.

2007-01-30 ~ 2008-01-29
Agency: Karen Women’s Organisation

The distribution of baby kits to mothers about to give birth in Karen State, Burma, has proved very successful despite problems resulting from the instability of the region. In the last year kits were distributed to more than one thousand women. In many areas it was difficult to carry kits due to traveling and security problems.

2007-01-30 ~ 2008-01-28
Agency: Mon National Education Committee

Like many states within Burma, the Mon state has been struggling to establish their right to self-determination since 1948. A cease-fire was declared but many people are still deprived of their basic human rights. Since the ceasefire the Thai authorities have allowed the Mon National Education Committee to open an office in Sangkhlaburi in order to communicate with groups both inside and outside Burma.

2007-01-30 ~ 2008-01-29
Agency: Concern Universal

Since 1982, there has been an ongoing conflict in Casamance, located in southern Senegal. It is estimated that over 5,000 people have been killed, and over 60,000 people have been internally displaced, with about 15,000 people seeking refuge in The Gambia and Guinea Bissau.

In December 2006, a flare-up in rebel activity caused around 7,500 people to flee the Casamance into Gambia. The main problem was the increased demand for drinking water for human and livestock consumption. The existing wells did not provide sufficient drinking water, and was often polluted.