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$6,800 of $6,800 raised

2016-10-01 ~ 2017-03-31
Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre

The Karenni Social Development Center (SDC), based on the Thai/Burma border, will trial a microfinance project that will help the organization generate a small income, and enable the students to learn valuable vocational skills. The SDC will set up a small café and snack shop, built by SDC staff and external labourers and ran by students, where members of the Karenni Refugee Camp #1 community will be able to eat traditional Karenni food.

$21,600 of $22,000 raised

2016-10-01 ~ 2017-09-30
Agency: Caritas Nairobi

This programme will work with 200 young, urban refugees to help them settle in their host community in Nairobi, as well as empower them to be able to support themselves financially. Through the Young Refugees Empowerment Programme (YREP), refugees will be provided with basic literacy training, legal aid clinics, education and life skills training and opportunities for work.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2016-01-01 ~ 2016-11-30
Agency: DARE Network

Community prevention education reaches beyond those addicted to their families, friends and neighbors. The work of the DARE network reaches thousands of people in camps on the Thai-Myanmar border and inside Myanmar.

The Prevention, Education and Training program will provide treatment cycles, prevention education to schools and communities and train addiction workers.

$15,000 of $15,000 raised
2014-05-07 ~ 2015-05-06
Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre
This project will provide fifty (50) young adults living on the Thai-Burma border with training and education in law, nonviolent social change, and environmental issues. This ten-month course is a core aspect of building a vibrant and sustainable refugee community among those who have fled their homes in search of safety from the perpetual ethnic violence that overtook parts of Burma, also known as Myanmar, for over six decades. This training will brighten the future for these young adults, who will have increased opportunities for work and can seek to spread their knowledge further among their community after the course.

$19,433 of $19,433 raised

2013-07-20 ~ 2014-07-20
Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre

This project will provide education and training in democracy, government, human rights and environmental preservation to thirty-four (34) Karenni young adults living as refugees on the Thai-Burma border. By participating in this program, the students will receive educational opportunities that have previously been limited, if not completely denied, and their knowledge will help spread throughout the community to create a foundation for new perspectives and ideas in their struggle against the realities of displacement.

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2011-06-30 ~ 2012-04-30
Agency: Social Development Center

This project will provide a ten month training course for 30 young Karenni refugees residing in Karenni Refugee Camp 1 in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. This project will educate young Karenni refugees about topics including the law, human rights and the environment. 

$22,000 of $22,000 raised

2009-11-01 ~ 2010-10-30
Agency: Karen Youth Organisation

The goal of the Karen Youth Organization is to empower and equip the youth to face the future and create a better world based on justice and peace.  This includes supporting and educating young people to play a vital role in building a society that is environmentally sustainable, politically stable, economically accessible and socially just. They provide training on education, information technology, social protection, community development, community organizing, political awareness and situational relevant programs in the Karen community to ensure that local solutions are found for local needs.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2009-02-27 ~ 2010-02-26
Agency: World Vision Zambia

RIJ will provide three months interim funding to address a shortfall in educational provision for Congolese children in the Kala and Mwange Refugee Camps. This will specifically target the education needs of disabled children, provide educational materials and improve sanitation.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-06-01 ~ 2009-05-30
Agency: OPM-Uvira

This project is in support of families returning to the Uvira and Fizi territories of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (DRC). These generally poor people have returned to find their homes and lands destroyed or occupied. In addition they have limited access to clean water and ordinary medicines and are forced to live on less than 50 cents ($.5) US per day.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-05-01 ~ 2009-04-30
Agency: Lutheran World Federation


The goal of this project is to support the environmental rehabilitation process in and near IDP and refugee camp sites and in the return areas by undertaking environmentally friendly activities.
The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is an International NGO with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. LWF has been working in northern Uganda since 1983. Currently, LWF works in five districts in northern Uganda implementing activities in various sectors including water and sanitation, education, food security, and the distribution of Non Food Items (NFIs). Targeted rights holders of LWF activities in the north are Internally Displace Persons (IDPs). LWF Uganda empowers individuals to achieve a better quality of life.