RIJ Schools Program

When I was a year 6 student, my friends and I organised a meeting with you to discuss the plight of refugees and what we could do to help. I have recently been selected as one of ten delegates to represent my state at the United Nations Youth National Conference. I was selected because of my passion for human rights in particular for refugees and asylum seekers. I would just like to say thank you for all of your help those many years ago because doing that fundraiser and talking to you about refugees was the start of my passion and without it I may not have been given this amazing opportunity. Thank you very much for taking me seriously as an 11 year old and helping to encourage my passion for helping others. —Bree Marlay, ex ASIJ student.

Student Fundraising and Awareness Raising Activities

RIJ encourages students to play an active role in supporting projects that provide opportunities for those displaced by conflict around the world by leading fundraising and awareness-raising for refugee issues in their schools and communities.

By joining or forming an RIJ student group, you’ll:

  • Effectively assist refugees in need by fundraising for and working with an experienced Japanese NPO;
  • Develop the skills of “global citizenship”, including leadership, teamwork and organisational ability, and other skills valuable in your study life and future careers;
  • Meet passionate, like-minded other students from schools across the Kanto area.

What Schools are Doing

To mark World Refugee Day 2016, students from The American School in Japan held a Refugee Awareness Day where they ran activities for other students and sold bubble tea to raise money for the project Supporting Amity with Art in Turkey.

St Mary’s International School student volunteers recently raised over ¥70,000 collecting donations at their school carnival on May 14th.

At Junten Middle and High School, students annually organise a Sponsored Run to raise money for RIJ projects.

Individual students also contribute to RIJ’s cause. To mark the 25th anniversary of the British School in Tokyo, BST student Freddie Bottril ran the Nakasendo Way with a group of friends. Through community sponsorship, he raised 43,000 yen to support less-fortunate refugee children.

Light up the Life of a Refugee Child

Every year, schools help plan and implement the “Light up the Life of a Refugee Child” event – in fact, in 2011 the whole event was organized and carried out by dedicated volunteer students. In 2014 the event changed to a concert which was an amazing success with 200 children from St. Mary’s International School, the British School in Tokyo, Junten Middle and High School and Seisen International School displaying their incredible talent. Students from the International School of the Sacred Heart raised funds in the foyer selling beautiful self-made ceramics.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the students and teachers who have supported us!

If you’re interested in starting a RIJ Schools group in your school or for more information, contact us!