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We support projects that provide opportunities for refugees to lead an independent normal life while staying near to home and their loved ones. Started in 1979, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary!

RIJ is a Japanese
NGO that relies on
volunteer support

We depend on volunteers to organize and run our fundraising activities. Your time and enthusiasm are important. There are many ways in which you can contribute whether with specific skills or by your presence and effort.

Become a Friend

Becoming a friend of RIJ is a simple and effective way to support our work and provide opportunities for refugees worldwide.

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Donate Money

Individuals and organizations can make regular or one-off financial contributions. Your contribution can make a big difference.

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Become a Volunteer

There are many ways in which you can contribute whether with specific skills or by your presence and effort.

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Start an RIJ School Group

RIJ increases awareness about displacement through partnerships with international and Japanese schools in the Tokyo area.

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Corporate Sponsor

RIJ actively encourages and assists other Japanese organizations in building their own CSR program.

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40th Anniversary

RIJ is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. In some ways, so much has changed since 1979 but, in others, so little has.

Panasonic Grant

RIJ is honoured to have been chosen as a recipient of the Panasonic NPO/NGO Support fund for SDGs.


We invited beneficiaries in the projects funded by RIJ to send in their favourite recipes and the memories they have of the dishes.

Become a Sponsor

We can create unique programs for companies to sponsor RIJ. The projects funded by RIJ meet several of the SDGs securing a better future for all. We can provide training programs that develop leadership and resilience through case studies from the field.

Upcoming Events

RIJ hosts a variety of charity events in Tokyo and other areas in Japan throughout the year. We organize dinners, concerts, sporting events and children’s workshops. Please join us at one of our fundraising events and show your support.

Tokyo Hilton (Shinjuku)

Donate to end Dependence

Oakwood Premier Tokyo

Great Wine Bluff

Imperial Palace Outer Moat, Sakuradamon

Palace Loop Relay

Venue to be confirmed

World Refugee Day

Projects Funding
and Program Visits

Refugees International Japan provides funding to community-based groups supporting people as they rebuild their lives and work towards returning home and establishing peaceful communities. Projects funded are run by experienced groups in the refugee and internally displaced person (IDP) community. We ensure that support reaches groups swiftly and efficiently.

If you think about it though, as I have, I think you will discover that the only thing that really touches us to our soul is the connection we feel to other people. To our families, friends, a poverty stricken child in Somalia, a 10 year old rape victim, a starving 85 year old man, skin and bones, with fire in his eyes. These are humans, just like us. You and me. We live and breath on the same planet. We are simply lucky. No more, no less, lucky.

—David Hewett, long-time donor and supporter of RIJ, when reflecting on philanthropy.